Economic Relations Division Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Press Release

81 European Union will provide 690 million Euro
PR_Europe_Bangla_1315.pdf PR_Europe_English_1315.pdf
82 Kuwait fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) will provide US$34.00 million
Press Release-Bangla.pdf Press Release-English.pdf
83 World Bank will provide US$ 300 million
world_bank_bangla 8.2.20150001.pdf world_Bank_English_8.2.20150001.pdf
84 Agreement of 47.00 million Euro was signed between GoB and AFD of French.
PR_Bangla-IDA.pdf PR-English-IDA .pdf
85 World Bank will provide US$ 375 million
PR_Bangla-WB_260115 (1).pdf PR-English-WB_260115.pdf
86 Joint Co-operation Arrangment (JCA)
PR_ Bangla-JCA250115.pdf PR-English-JCA250115.pdf
87 Internation Development Assosiation will provide US$ 400
PR-BanglaIDA250115.pdf PR-English-IDA250115 (1).pdf
88 USAID will provide USD$ 24,144,544
89 ADB will Provide 125 Million USD
ADB-Bangla-27-8-14.pdf ADB-English-27-8-14.pdf

Total records: 89

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